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Thread: Although it rained

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    Jr. bentpipes
    Although it rained, there was still some excitement at cfw through the week,Morgs boat kicks ass, flytes boat f-ing gets it, suicycoles boat looks awesome, the white canyon is bad to the bone,lost wages kicks ass,and I forgot my digital camera at home, doesn't that suck!!! :squiggle:

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    flytes hauls the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!...that boat is so dam heavy i bet he can race it in circles....i now know he can run with the best of them.......morg-you do ghreat clean work,beautiful boat that keeps you looking for more tricks.those dam pinkneys, i dont think they ever sat down..they were constantly wrenching,and it shows by the way all those boats run,...................and i saw jr bent looking at some of the races..and it looked like he was grinning and twitchiong his right foot?could he have something up his sleeve?i know for fact he wont go boatless again.

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    Flyte stepped up huge. Boat looked great
    The brothers Pickney put on one hell of a show wed night. The underdog (whittie) cleaned house. (Pretty much)
    Mike's new injected canyon is very impresive, amazing rigging & runs like a rapped ape.
    The rainmaker Suicy D. also looked like he was having a great time. The boat ran great.
    Preachers playtime in Smalleys boat got us all fired up. I know the nitro's wheelie was on purpose, it was ever so nice. :sqeyes: :sqeyes:
    It was great to see everyone again. The weather could have been a little better, but we still managed to eat, drink & tell lies between the rain.
    Looking forward to seing everyone again real soon.

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    Boy Named Sue
    Jr. it sounds like I missed something great. I had a hella time where I'm at but I would give Mains left nut to have seen those runs. Its one thing to hear Flyte run his mouth :smile: but I really want to see him throw some water! Also good to hear Suicycole's boat is performing after they welded those heads. Just a shout from So. Cal. see you trampys on Monday.

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