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Thread: Can I covert these to water jacketed only???

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    I have these exhaust manifolds and I am installing a new engine with a very long duration cam. I need to make these manifolds into water jacketed only because i dont want to suck water into the heads.
    Can I do it or will it make the headers too hot?? Im have figured out that water flows straight through but the water is injected into the top fitting through the exhaust...
    Any help would be great!

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    Cant get the file to upload

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    McCord... is that you????

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    Still can't up-load those pictures Rooster?

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    McCord... is that you????
    Well, if it is McCord, these are the exhaust manifolds he is talking about. These are not considered "water injected" even though water is introduced into the exhaust stream after the high point of the riser. They CANNOT be used without water being introduced into the exhaust as the flexible hose connecting the risers to the exhaust tips would burn out in short order.
    How big a cam are you planning to use?

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    Mike, Ur As Sharp As They Get.... Dont Get Lazy Like Me And Hope For Someone Else To Fix Ur Problems... By The Way, I Got Real Bussy With The Chowchilla Race, And The Ming Race Next Weekend, + I Knew U Were Going To The River So I Didnt Bother U With The Hard Line Deal.... Hopefully After The Next Race I Can Take Avantage Of What The Hard Line God Has To Offer...

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