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Thread: How do I keep my new CD player dry?

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    I mounted my new CD player in the dash. WELL, just as everyone suspects, it got wet. Any suggestions? The amp is mounted on the stringer under the bow. Kind of impractical to put the CD player there. I would like to listen to more than one CD. My husband says tape a piece of plastic over the face. Well, that would work, but I would like something more permanent. See everyone in Parker over Labor Day-I'm the one with the black boat who went to jail Fourth of July weekend(started out as excessive noise-ended up with me in jail)Guess I shouldn't be so "uncooperative".

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    Hey Greatam Be nice to officer harrasment. HAHA bummer on the jail thing. Check out boat or check w/ your local marina and they shuold be able to help you out w/ a cover.Hey how does it play in 2ft chop lol. Have a good one.

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    A few things you can do. Either, get a waterproof cover (Overtons sells 'em, or, most places that do boat installs either have them, or can order them). Some either just snap on to the top of the head unit, or you can actually mount the cover in the boat, and insert the head unit. The only other thing I can think of is, when you see water coming over the bow, stick a towel over it!!! Heh heh...-Dick Danger ouuuuut!!!

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    I Installed a Flap Of Heavy Rubber Like 1/4 Inch Thick of same color as Boat (got lucky) and it seems to work Fine Butt it is Not Fool Proof Like when it may be raining on ya while ya are in transit or Well it is allmost Perfect. I just Put Two Rivits thru it with Flat heads on them you can use any type and Put one in one corner and one in the other corner above the Player Face and it hangs down over the face and keeps it covered Ya just have to lift it up to adjust it butt it is worth it if it saves it any way ya know how us Texans are Just rig it Hope ya like my Idea well maybe some one else had it first butt I use it.

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    Hey BigDaddy - I saw your radio cover this weekend at Lake Lavon. It looks good and I bet it works great. Nothing like keeping the water from getting in your cd player. My neighbor put a cd player in his boat and got the insurance from BestBuy for replacement. He has already replaced it once. Guess that insurance was worth it in that case.
    Lake Ray Roberts is supposed to see about 8 jetboats today, but it's raining outside right now. Bummer! The rain needs to stop so we can all lake it.

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    Don't know if this would work for you or not but, here's what my buddy did. He built a box just the right size to fit between the stringers. It's carpeted to match the boat and is held in with a couple quick detach hooks. The cd changer, cd player, speakers and amplifier are all in the box. It works great and when you want to pull it, you just take the hooks loose and remove everything, either for security, or to use it somewhere away from the boat (battery clips). Kinda like a king size boom box.

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    Oh yeah, it's actually up under the bow a little ways. This keeps it dry but it's not the easiest to adjust. With the 10 disk cd changer and remote control there's not much cause to get at the player/changer.

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    West Marine has a nice one.

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    Thanks everyone for the answers. Got the neat cover from Overton's (they got neat stuff-thanks for the info) that slides up. $24.00. Not bad price, and cheaper than driving back to Best Buy all the time (I'm 85 miles away). I too, bought the extended warranty. Had a great time in Parker this week end. Boat ran like a champ. Got REALLY swamped in front of Fox's yesterday, so bad my husband thought we broke the crank. He couldn't turn it over by hand. NAH, just pull the plugs, dry everything out and back in the water 2 hours later. Took longer to go get the trailer than it did to fix the boat. My husband couldn't get a ride to save his butt. Well, maybe that was the problem-his butt. Thanks again Gina

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