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Thread: Official East Coast Jet and V-Drive Site- IIl

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    fat rat
    Fresh page.....O.E.C.J.A.V-D.S.part III:
    Location: Lake Anna, Va.
    Date: sometime in June, 3rd or 4th weekend, unless a lot of us can,t make it at that time. Votes so far: Bob S., Nittro, H.O.D., and Fat Rat.

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    Can anyone give me an address location to this place. would like to look into for travel distance.

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    fat rat
    Mario, Look up Mineral,Va. off route 208....I believe, a point of reference is Anna Point Marina....if you need more info let me know.

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    hey the add made it on check out the southwind in the classifieds if anyone knows someone looking i want to move this hull

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    Hallett of a Dream
    Engine gets painted tomorrow!!! Everything looking good so far. But thats easy to say since the damn thing isn't running in the boat yet. I should be able to put it through the paces on Saturday or Sunday at the latest. Good news, it will be warmer than the past few days, the bad news is that it will be in the low 60's. Its too &*%#ing cold.

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    fat rat
    H.O.D., this is the best time to get it out, before winter sets least you'll see if you have any major problems to address, then you'll have all winter to work on it........get the parka and gloves out and run it.

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    YAAAHHHHOOOoooo!!!! I've got my ORIGINAL user name back.....Just to let you'all know...there will not be any more post's by me...A.K.A. (PhillyRay.) I'am so happy, think I'am gona wax the boat!
    [This message has been edited by HammerDown (edited September 28, 2001).]

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    fat rat
    Yo Phillyray, congrats......but I'm gonna miss saying "Yo to Ya"......but anyways sounds like you got a lotta can come wax mine when you get done.

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    my new baby is comeing out the mold on moday and ill have some pictures sometime next week i cant waite im ready for spring to get here and winter hasnt even started

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    Originally posted by fat rat:
    Yo Phillyray, congrats......but I'm gonna miss saying "Yo to Ya"......Yo Fat...Just Yell Out....Yo Hammer!!!.

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