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Thread: "You can go twice as fast".. Famous last words

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    Saw this and wanted to share.... turn up the sound.... Amazing this guy is alive....

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    WHat a dumb ass,
    Thanks MIKE....

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    Kilr are you seeing more of that dumb ass stuff over on your beat yet? Schools are getting out and kids are getting bikes for graduating, one kid at my daughters school stunted right by me in my Excursion, pulls a wheelie into a stoppie, lost it fell over the damn bars, i barley missed hittin the little freakin bitch and i know i would have killed him. Only to see him get up dust off and go back doing the same stuff right in front of the School police here in Fontana, kid took off, road rash all over the arms, the bike, helmet scraped.... got away from the police but there were many who got the dealers # off of the plate frame.... so we'll see... dumb asses, right outta school into the frekin grave. Whatta waste of my tax payer bucks.... but you can't teach common sense.... Rant over carry on....

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    "you can go twice as fast" LOL
    Never seen a front flip on a motorcycle, the back flips are all day now, but a front flip?

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    Idiot! Why would you try jumping a sport bike??

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    Darwin at work :skull:

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    sometimes natural selection does not quite work fast enought...but eventually it will catch him..

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    plaster dave
    That is at Travis Pastrona's s/p house.

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    do not try this at home... LMAO! I just cant help it, dum-azz.

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    WHat a dumb ass,
    Thanks MIKE....
    my exact words

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