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Thread: Help Needed Guys : REVERSe SPAM!

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    HEy Guys,
    Anyone have an extra timing cover for a 455 olds laying around, preferably near Socal. I just pulled mine off and it is pitted beyond use! Could explain the water in my oil I need one by this Wednesday for a trip planned. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    JB Weld the crap out of it. It'll work for a while!

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    Im tempted to so when this motor dies, I will have an excuse to put my BBC in :hammerhea

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    BUMP!!! Anyone have this guys? I guess I should have specified that I am willing to pay!!$$$$$$$

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    pretty easy part to find in a junk yard i think even a 350,425 olds will work if you get in a bind pm me i ve got two complete olds out back just didnt want to part them

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    I think my step son has a couple of them but won't know for sure until later. Only issue is I'm in NorCal but I guess it could be overnighted?
    JB weld will work though.

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    yep, has 3 of them....2 Guardians and a Nicson

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    yep, has 3 of them....2 Guardians and a Nicson
    Steve, I think he needs a timing cover, not the water inlet plate.
    Timing cover may be as close as a local Olds dealership. If not, Mondello's list OEM timing covers for $70.

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    i have one for ya... give me a call tomarrow (after noon). ill hook you up. (805) 320-1528.... im in santa paula, near ventura.

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    Thanks for all the offers guys! I got freaked since I hadnt got any responses in a day or two so I ordered one from Mondellos Should be here Tuesday. Wish I would of held it out for a closer one :squiggle:

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