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Thread: Cole nighthawk 1997 502MPI

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    I'm new here and also to boats. I want to buy this 1997 Cole Nighthawk 22' ,502MPI with 114 hours for 29K. It's a 2 hour drive from me and the picture in the ad don't look to good.
    I have cash to give but I would like a better picture of the model. Does anyone have some pics and info to share? I'd like to learn more about it before I hit the bank Monday.
    Is this a good boat? Any problems that I should look for? I can't find nothing on the internet for this model except for
    Happy Father's Day To Me!!!
    Thanks for any help,

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    I think Cole Boats was one of the better So Cal boat manufactures. It has a fast bottom, low profile style. Gel coat work was top notch. It was made in both open bow or hard deck versions. It was offered with a jet, i/o and a few v-drives made. Most Cole boats were built to order in Chatsworth Ca. Unfortunately, Cole Boats is no longer in bussiness, closing its doors a couple of years ago. The Nighthawk was made from the late 80's until shutting down. I would think the 502 should push this boat into the low to mid 70's. The price seems reasonable if it's in prestine condition. I would negoiate a test ride before exchanging money. You don't see many of them for sale and generally are higher priced when offered. I think they are an awsome boat and would love to have one. I don't have a picture, but the Boat Trader has a 1997 Cole 22' Skier, same bottom, different deck, with picture, listed for 33k. Hope the purchase works out for you.

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    Thanks for the reply. This boat has the open bow. The guy said it was built So. Cal. for some millionaire in Seattle. I'm really interested in this and will take a criuse down and check it out.
    What was the HP these 502 MPI's were putting out back then? I think it has a bravo 1 drive also.
    Thanks, Greg

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    full throttle
    The 22 Nighthawk is an excellent boat. Very solid, and has a FAST bottom w/pad. Talk to J540.

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    Thanks. I'll try and contact J540.

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    502 MPI / Mag was 415 HP. Nice bottom end. A good base for building up later or just adding parts to.
    I have always liked the nighthawk style. Very nice boat. Rarely for sale. If it is in the shape you are happy with, it would be a wise purchase.
    If it is at all available, I would have a compression test done on the motor. 114 hours at that age is a lot of sitting. Not running a motor for long periods of time tends to take its toll. No doubt it's in good shape, but it would be a wise test to ensure a turn-key purchase. JMO.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll take my compression testor with me.
    I was wrong on the hours. It has 144 hrs on it. I'm going there tomorrow to check it out and get a wild ride on the Columbia river.

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    I don't have a picture, but the Boat Trader has a 1997 Cole 22' Skier, same bottom, different deck, with picture, listed for 33k. Hope the purchase works out for you.
    I was the original owner of the Cole Skier in the Trader. Jim built a bad ass boat, and the SuperHawk with the 415HP 502 should run in the low 70s. The boat rode great and it was very tough. It would beat on you a little in the chop, and it leaned way over in the turns, but it is fine once you get used to it. Plus you can scare the hell out of people new to the boat with a hard turn. :supp: The Stern drive version can be a handful with power to push it into the 80s. I would buy another Cole in a minute, and I may yet, just waiting on the right one.

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    Thanks for the input. I don't think I've ever been past 40mph. greg

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    Well, I bought the Cole Nighthawk!!! A little hairy at first when I drove it. Wasn't used to the trim tab setup. It went to 75 in a heartbeat! I gave him 27.5 cash and I think I stole it from him. Got it home in one piece. It is an awesome boat! I uploaded some pics in the Stern Drive section at the Image Center.
    Thanks for all the input everyone. You helped me make a wise investment.

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