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Thread: Chowchilla

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    i see you remembered your camera this trip......p.s. the ez-up is half up in the shop drying out.

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    Boy Named Sue
    Never been down there junior but it looks like a pond. Why are you home already?

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    NIce Pic's Jr.

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    nice pics........ the weather was great for racing........... and viewing...
    I got to put names to faces.. Met: Tony, Billy B, Hud, Allen the bolt nazi,
    Flat stupid, Dossangers, and a few more.......... these guys are all real nice.
    I had a great time, saw Tony kick some but big time in the final... (The boat
    broke a cavitation-plate hardware link in the heat.... Tony was going sooo
    fast into the turns it looked like he was going to drive it 80 or better thru
    the turns..... the final was really clean.
    so, I had a blast. stayed up for about 40 hours straight by the time I got
    back home. and now I'm back here at work... again.
    --Sherpa Thanks Tony!

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    O.B eddie
    Look's like another SWING-uh-LING!! Hee Haww :idea:

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