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Thread: looking for BBC thru transome exhaust

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    I am looking for a set of thru transome exhuast for a BBC.anyone have anything.They will be in an enclosed engine bay.

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    i have a set of nixson logs, risers and

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    i have a set of bassett thru transom headers i know people dont like running under cover but i have for many years

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    I think I need something close to a stock set of merc/volvo(imco,gil,etc)..I am not sure....I am not sure if I can get away with the logs(room)
    You dont have any problems running those headers in an enclosed compartment?

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    Jim Brock
    I have a set of indmar polished center riser manifolds and risers, Jim 818-890-1867

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    Left you a message jim.....

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    Jim check is in the mail...
    Thanks again

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