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Thread: Info Jr. Flyin the Innertube Video

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    Info Jr. loves to fly the tube. I wont let him do it unless there is a bit of wind. Otherwise we have to go too fast to fly. Bad news in case of a wipeout.
    We finally remembered to take the video camera this time. Sis filming. When he took off suddenly she dropped the camera down to watch. LOL Went about 15 feet up, it went left and dropped pretty fast. He was able to land it. Pretty proud of himself.
    Oh yea, Mom cried. Had to keep the second flight a little more human. She said she will never be in the boat when he flies again.
    Innertube Flyin Kid (

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    That is awesome. How fast do you have to get going to get that thing to fly like that?
    Kid is either real brave, or just plain crazy. Not sure which one.

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    WOW, That was cool....

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    Yep he is mighty brave but does have some issues LOL
    Boat speed is 35 - 40 when there is a bit of wind. I chopped the throttle during the second flight so mom would not freak out.

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    Way Too Cool!!!

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    Big Mable? Orange Picker and myself are getting one to pull behind his Hallett 210.

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    The tube is a Body Glove Air Lift. This is the 3rd season for it. Best tube we have ever had. Really tough cover and has the original air in it. Never looses a drop.

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    Too Cool, makes me wanna be that age again, that looks like too much fun!!!

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    that was awesome

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    Way cool. To bad you can't see your sons face, because you know there's a big smile on it!

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