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Thread: Lake Powell is Gone For Good...LA Times

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    The "Jewel of the Colorado" Is Gone for Good
    By Wade Graham
    LA Times June 19, 2005
    Lake Powell will soon be no more — at least the Lake Powell that Americans have known for nearly 40 years: the green lake shimmering incongruously in the baking red desert of southern Utah and northern Arizona, a play land for houseboaters created when the federal Bureau of Reclamation shut the gates of the new Glen Canyon Dam in 1963.>>>
    <<< The facts are clear — and startling. Drought didn't drain the reservoir, as commonly believed. Rising demand for water did. Simply put, we are taking more water out of the river than nature puts in.>>>
    To any of you who have enjoyed boating on Lake Powell as me and my family have this is downright depressing

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    Big Bear
    Just read it. How sad! I'd like to wish they were wrong, but sadly everything they say sounds like it is factual.
    I suppose for people like me that have never been there, the time to go is now or very soon if I want to experience the place.

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    yeah that does suck..and ive never been there either..its one of those trips that weve been planning forever that just hasnt been able to happen...
    super depressing.

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    Its an opinion piece.
    Please don't take everything you read in the LA Times as a fact..... :hammerhea

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    "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" :hammerhea

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    If you look at the credentials of the write at the end of the second page, you will see that he is an "environmentalist" and works for the Glen Canyon Institute, which is a non profit group dedicated to the restoration of a free flowing Colorado River through Glen Canyon. Those things lead me to beleive that he has written a very biased article. If it is true, I am way bummed, I have spent many many weeks on Lake Powell, over the last 29 years.

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    "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" :hammerhea
    haha yeah pretty much! :hammer2:

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    L.A. times is the biggest pile of steaming crap. Accuracy means nothing to them...infact the national enquirer is more accurate.
    Their M.O. is the sky is falling and GW is to blame for it.
    Do not believe anything negative about lake powell until after you check their credentials. These people would never post anything that would be in favor of keeping the lake.
    And what dumb article anyway...."it was not the drought, it was demand".....dumbass...where else are we supposed to get water when it is in short supply? I think I will send Frenchie over to jerk off his dog.

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    Its an opinion piece.
    Please don't take everything you read in the LA Times as a fact..... :hammerhea
    Exactly... Especially when it is written by a guy who sits on a Glen Canyon conservancy commission.

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    While I am very familiar with the "accuracy" of the LATimes (I've cancelled it many times because of it) I would be interested in the math.
    Is this guy totally full of it or is there some basic truth and history to his assessment? Nevada, Arizona and SoCal are booming and growing at a relentless if you have other info I'm all ears!!

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