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Thread: Jacuzzi-Legend-Berkley Pump

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    I am wondering about the timeless question of what to do with my Jacuzzi WJ pump. MPD suggests installing a Legend impeller with a Berkley bowl into the Jacuzzi suction. This leaves me with having to make a custom shaft for my pump, which I can do, but I am just whining. I need a good G bowl, and I am wondering how it will fit the Jacuzzi transom adaptor. Just thoughts, so tell me what you all think.

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    GM Killer
    I have a G pump you can use to see how the adapter fits. If it doesnt, make two aluminum plates that butt in lieu of the stock adapter

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    I want a G pump to buy, what are you going to do with your clearances after I take it apart?

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    I have golden eagle with a energizer kit.Basicaly the energizer kit only uses the original suction housing and an adapter to install the berkely style parts shaft,impeller,bowl .and seals.So if you put the adapter on the wj pump it may be similar.I did install a legend impeller and a place diverter from jack at mpd and am happy with the results.I looked at the legend impeller closely while it was out and asked the difference between the berkly and legend so he pointed out the castings and the blade corners difference was pretty obvious.He also can take the berkely impeller and smooth it out and take care of the corners but said that the legend has all this out of the box.If i would have known that these parts can be swapped i would have bought the parts seperately or used instead of the whole energizer kit.(some parts were of poor quality nozzle area kept coming loose and so on)Put a diverter in its place.Also aggressor makes a kit now too for the jacuzzis(only one option 12 years ago)They might have a better nozzle than the at.

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    Hustler just picked up his pump from MPD and he has a WJ I think. Email him and he can give you the details of what was done. He might even take some photos for you. Good Luck!

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    wsuwrhr, i am in the process of putting a dominator bowl & impellor on my wj. yes the shaft will have to be turned down along with some other work. what i have encountered so far: the transom plate ID is too small for the berkeley/dominator bowl. some have suggested to turn down the bowl but i'm going to open up the the plate instead. next, the bolt holes on the bowl will not line up w/the jacuzzi and they are a different size. the new bowl will be bigger (from memory they are 7/16 or 1/2) so once again you can either a, drill out and slot the jacuzzi suction piece or b, (my choice if you have a split bowl) fill the holes on the bowl with all thread and make smooth and then turn the bowl and re-drill the bowl so it will line up on the jacuzzi.
    if i encounter other problems ill let you know.

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