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Thread: Hmmmm lot for sale in Needles, only .01 !!

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    Ahh, the devil is in the details..... :messedup:

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    old gas station that could be big bucks to clean up the soil

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    Besides the money to pay for the clean up if there is need for it, it could also take a long time to vent the land if the tanks ever leaked.

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    That area is on the WRONG side of the RR tracks. That is not a nice area. Clean up, area of town, $20k lots? I don't think so! Drive by there, and see for yourself. They posted no pix of the actual lot, just marina and park area.

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    Bobody even bid yet :yuk: not even 1 cent

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    Is Bobody a new guy on the boards?

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    The lot is the one on the second row down. It not only is on the wrong side of the tracks, but it's facing the tracks and only about 70 yards away from them. You can buy a complete house in that neighborhood for the high 20K's. Thought about it. Then I realized, what kind of vacation includes shooing hobo's out of your living room, boarding up broken windows and replacing all the things your neighbors borrowed while you were gone. I think I'll stick with the old RV park. :hammer2:

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