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Thread: Not a very productive maiden voyage

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    First outing of the season and I lost a belt, the steering cable froze up and I set the carb on fire....I'm going back to sailing... :cry:
    Why would my new Barry Grant sea Demon 750 backfire and flame so much..?
    It's running on my 460.

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    What all did you change, just the carb?

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    Could be loose intake manifold,loose carb gasket,timing off.check compression on all cylinders,if thats ok then when engine is running,get some starter fluid and gingerly spray some around the carb and intake manifold,if RPM goes up you may have a leak somewhere.

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    yea, the Barry Grant sea Demon 750

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    Just take the carb off and inspect it. Don't let this ruin your season. I was tuning my engine getting it ready for my first trip out this season and found it wants to make milk shakes in stead... Looks like I'll be in the garage for a few more weekends.

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    Why would my new Barry Grant sea Demon 750 backfire and flame so much..?
    Water in your fuel?

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    If all you did is put the new carb on it i would take it back and get a new one. If it ran fine before don't overthink it, for the money they cost don't settle for something not right.

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