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Thread: SS's and Ks in Chowtown

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    Ty Newton is ss70 made it 3 for 3 on the year with a win this weekend in Chowtown. Rumors has its that the throttle stop was only allowing half throttle the whole weekend :idea:
    In Ks Tony put on a another display in the Class Bully to take the win.
    VdriveVideo I guess we made it to late the party over in the K5 camp sat. night

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    Congrats Tony. Great racing this weekend in both boats.

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    half throttle??? thats the prob sangster going to the shop right now and checking my linkage..i think im only getting half throttle also...

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    Wait till you see pics of ss550 I think Hud took a couple of pics crazy stuff

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    Wait till you see pics of ss550 I think Hud took a couple of pics crazy stuff
    Is that the red SS boat that was pitted next to Urban Menace??
    Are you the driver??

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    Ya that was the boat, and Im glad I wasnt the driver :2purples:

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    ya kidd, the drivers were glad you werent the driver either......

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    WTF happened? ..........Ray

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    Check the bottom of this page Huds pics http://www2.*** :cry:

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    The pics were the first I'd seen/heard about this.........WTF happened??Ray

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