ABOUT TIME THIS BOAT HAS BEEN A REAL PAIN IN THE Azz. it looks like we will have this thing started and running. i have had this boat since 02 it is a rayson craft flatbottom. it was the ugliest boat i have ever seen. i picked this up as a project. rootbear brown huge metal flake with what looked like a brown house paint stripe. seats i think the guy stole them from a bassboat. had cadillac crest stiched on them. thats right W.T.F.... my same reaction. i almost fell laughing at the guy it had a 74 pontiac 350 with a homemade alt bracket displaying alt like it was a throphy. he should have put a transponder light on top for aircraft. i did take it to perris twice. ran once. 2nd time cassel drive handle broke in my hand. now one of perris lake deep treasures. i know i have attuide problem. so i put it away tell feb of this year.
took it out stripped it bare. sold motor. had it boat painted. paint came back like shit. horrible. said ill run it tell after 4th of july anoidizer got an attuide told him to kiss my azz. had everything polished. we rebuilt v drive as i had it full of water. dropped new motor in. installed a points system. tunnel ram dont allow newer hei. upgraded to petronix electric ignition went to start it nothing... diagnoised it for a week. rewiring trying diffrent sources for power. see i never did a point setup before. now before you laugh read last sentance one more time. didnt know the neg side of coil wasnt suppose to be grounded. a whole week and about to give up and send it to a shop. proably no chance of making it to the river on the forth.the damn thing kicked over.ill have it running tomorrow, no dought. should have it rigged by wednesday, and trial next weekend at silverwood. and leaving for havasu and luaghlin on the 29th. one wire was getting me it to a fit of rage. and set me back 1 week and added 200 to 350 dollars in parts that check out fine. but i can taste the water finally
see ya out there on the 4th
looking for water tee valve for headers email me meanchevelle@msn.com