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Thread: Happy birthday HOSS!

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    Have a great day...

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    happy birthday pickle boy

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    phuc the younger generation

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    thats not nice i resent that. :boxingguy

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    get old,,,,,you won`t

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    your probably right :supp:

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    Happy Birthday, HOSS! Get Happy already would ya! :wink: :smile:

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    Tom Brown
    Get bent.

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    Blown 472
    Happy birfday coon a ss.

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    Doin` better. Wife came over,,,,she never has good timing, right when I`m into with this guy and brings a birthday cake. Well, it wasn`t the right time and the cake is on the ground smashed. Hell I`m only a man,,,,one fire at a time. Saving myself some money now though. Worker stays,,,,,less pay! Always a good thing.

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