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Thread: NEED HELP!!!!!

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    OK, folks, someone PLEEEEEASE help me out here - I'm putting A BBC into my boat (1979 GMC Cobra Jet - 16') and I'm putting together the "package" to get it installed - I'm about to have HEART FAILURE after looking at the prices for "jet" oil pans - $500??!!!!! http://free.***
    PLEASE tell me one of you either has an alternative or a used pan around that I can purchase? Thanks SO MUCH for any help (or advice) anyone can provide....Thanks again!

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    well, the only thing that you'll gain is a price tag. I have a 7 quart stock pan and it has always treated me fine. I recently went on e-bay and there was a chrome pan same size and profile for $59.00 thats all you need. Are you racing? If not, don't spend the money, spend that money where it could count! just a thought
    I have made the mistake in the past!!

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    On that note... a larger oil pan does allow the oil to run cooler, provides more depth to draw from when you are bouncing around in rough water, and spreads out the wear over twice as much oil. I like larger pans, and have found them to be worth the money in the long run.
    Fun Fact... When I used to be involved with circle track racing, I read an article in a mag that compared several different types of oil pans by virtue of how well they retained oil during big dynamic moves left, right, stop and go. They built a frame in the back of a pickup truck and filled the different pans with coffee to simulate oil. You may think that this was too thin, and did not show how the thicker oil behaved... That is where the fun fact comes in. Oil at temperature (220 degrees) is over 20 times thinner than water.
    By the way, the stock pan hardly had anything left in it after some serious cornering and acceleration tests, and the best Hamburger pan was nearly full.

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    Very interesting.....

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    I have a brand new 14 quart dan olson pan
    It was 1/2 inch too deep for my application (21 daytona) But should work for you.
    Same depth as a stock chevy pan.

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    1H, You might even think about modifying the pan you have to accept more oil. Look around for a machine shop or sheet metal place that could cut the bottom (ahead of the drain plug) and add a larger sump area. Just a thought. Mike

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    1H, I'm in the same dilema you are. I agree with froggy though, jets need that 10 qt pan to keep the oil cooler and just to be safe that there's enough oil to go around at sustained higher rpm's. I just saw a pretty decent price for a jet boat oil pan @ ( Very cool site!

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    I think I dropped $400 for a 10 quart Dooley for my BBC. I think it's worth it.

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    Check with Dooley Marine Oil Pans in Anaheim, CA
    Dooley Enterprises
    1198 N. Grove Street
    Anaheim CA 92806
    714-630-3910 fax
    Dooley (

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    Thanks for all the info, people - KEEP IT COMING! I've also heard that sometimes these pans come up for sale (used) on some of the other jet sites - I'm gonna try to keep an eye out, but if any of you see something, I'd REALLY appreciate a "heads up" from you - Thanks again for the help!!!!

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