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Thread: Cracked Suction Piece. Advise wanted.

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    I have a 18' 1972 Sleekcraft Rebel V-bottom. Currently, Pump is a Berkely R from the intake to the split bowl followed by a droop snoot and place diverter with ride plate and shoe running an Agressor A @ 5400 rpm & 72 mph. I was rearended 2 years ago and (get me back on the water) repairs were made. During an inspection of my repairs Friday, I found 2 new cracks in the suction housing and hairline cracks around the intake so I will not try to repair it again. This leaves me with a few decisions to make.
    I want to purchase a new intake, loader and suction housing as well as set the pump back, remove the 1/4" to 3/8" hook and possibly have the little hump installed in front of the new intake if it is suggested for my application. I will not be doing the labor on this myself because i would like to go to the lake again this year. Any suggestions on do's and don'ts will be greatly appreciated. In doing all this, my goal is to get it right.

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    It might jsut be me, but an Aggressor A @ 5400 RPM seems like you have a pretty healthy motor to only be going 72. Might be some more speed in the set up.
    Of course, I dont know your hull, so I might be talking out my butt..... :hammerhea

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    Zeug, I have the same opinion as you. Since I have found the need to replace the suction, I want to get the setup right then go from there on tweaking. I have played with the setup as is and I always wind up where I am know in the low 70's. I think the boat is heavy but I do not know how much it weighs. If it relates any, it's USCG plate rates it at capable of carring 10 people at 2000 pounds. It is only 18-ft and that always has puzzled me.

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