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Thread: blown Flattbottom guys

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    What kind of Rpm are you turning in a wide open pass on fuel not alcohol. Also what kind of speed are you reaching?

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    8,400 Rpm@120mph

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    8,400 Rpm@120mph
    :sqeyes: 8400...Dang, whats that thing run in the 1/8th?

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    Roman 1
    7600 rpm @ 119mph...with the juice it pulls the big gears 8400 @ ???mph.

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    The best I have turned so far is 7200 rpm both tanks full of gas w/ a passenger & mufflers @ 92.3 mph. Now I just ordered some bigger chips for my rev limiter so I can go higher in rpm. I hope to break the 100mph marker before the the 4th hopefully its possible. I only have 18s for gears in it so I may need to go to 22s if anyone has a set for a 12 deg casale that are in good shape let me know your price

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    Cole Man II
    The Trick Poney Boat #557 T/E runs the blown gas deal, and they run 7900 rpm @ 125 mph. Most the time they slow it down some to run their 9 sec number.

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    My old man runs 130 at around 7600 and change.

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    My old man runs 130 at around 7600 and change.
    Was Vince able to get in another pass after the starter broke?

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    Our deal will spin more rpm's but we keep the 7,000 rpm chip in it...We run 121mph @ 7,000 in the 1/4 mile on a tunnelram motor on the bottle...

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    Interesting.... I run 6600 at 125 in the 9 sec quarter. My motor is just gettin there when it hits the finish. Its a hydro though.

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