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Thread: MX facility in Tustin, Ca. Your Vote is Needed

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    There is a proposal for a MX Track in Tustin, Ca on the Marine Base vacant hanger building.
    We definitely need all the votes from our Brothers and Sisters that we could mustard.
    Please take 2 seconds and vote for this.
    Rick Marion
    A letter or email in favor of this, would go a LONG way as well.
    Tustin City Council
    300 Centennial Way Tustin, California 92780
    (714) 573-3000 FAX (714)573-3113
    Mayor: Lou Bone
    Mayor Pro Tem: Doug Davert
    Councilmembers: Tracey Worley Hagen, Tony Kawashima and Jerry Amante
    City Manager: John Buchanan (714)573-3124
    Assistant City Manager: Christine Shingleton (714)573-3107
    ddaver@ "
    twhagen@ "
    tkawashima@ "
    jbuchanan@ "
    cshingleton@ "

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    Done. That would be tight...since Saddleback didn't last long

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    Done! That would be awesome!!!

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    Steamin' Rice
    Done.. Emails will be sent out soon. This would be great

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