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Thread: Would you buy used tires?

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    I need to buy some new tires and was thinking about BF Goodrich All Terraines for my 02 duramax, and going with a larger tire....maybe 33s/285s. Well I priced them out and they are very expensive $175.00 per i went down to the used tire shop and found 4 good BFs for $75.00 installed. I thought cool what a great deal...but my buddy was saying that he would NEVER buy used especially if i am driving back and forth to the river in 120 degree weather...So he has me thinking twice about my used tires...
    What do you think?????

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    I think you need to stop trying to be a cheap a$$ and buy some new tires. If you can afford an 02 truck with a Duramax you can afford to spend $700 on some tires. You're life and personal safety is dependant on the condition of the tires that your vehicle is rolling on. Is saving a couple hundred bucks worth risking your life and the lives of your passengers?

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    geez. I agree with Boozer.
    I spend $700 on tires for all my shit, even one of my cars which is 10 years older than your duramax.
    It is your life you are riding on.

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    I bought some used 35" BFG's once. Only because I wanted the Alco's they were mounted to. Heck, the tires looked ok, held air and I had the balance checked just for girns. I ended up getting around 40K on them.
    A lot of people do a change to their truck and take off good tires just to have a set with more bling all the time.

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    H20 Toie
    if you are buying factory take offs it is one thing, but to buy used worn used tires is pretty iffy, they came off someone vechile for a reason,

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    Would you buy a used condom?.....didn't think so

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    Ya, thats what my buddy told me.....why would you take a chance with used tires and the safty of everyone on board.

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    Agree with superD. Just visually inspect them. Even after they are on the truck. Look for inconsistencies in the tread patch for popped belts.

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    Would you buy a used condom?.....didn't think so
    I have. :idea:

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    Caribbean Jet
    I wouldn't buy used tires, but when I had my F250 lifted by buddy told me that if I wanted to save money check with a couple of lift shops that do alot of H2's because they come standard with 285's and they pay next to nothing for them even when they come right from the dealer. It might be an option for you.

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