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Thread: Anyone run a PCV valve?

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    Anyone run a PCV valve. Perhaps even a little taboo with duals?

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    Tom Brown
    Not me. Not a valve on the whole ****ing thing.

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    I guess on an eggbeater you wouldn`t.

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    My whole system has them.I use 4 for the front yard and 5 for the back.Their the best ones that Home Depot had to offer.Now I use a different brand for the sprinklers though..

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    Sure that`s not PVC?

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    Give um' Hell Hoss.....

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    Sure that`s not PVC? Yeah ,what he said...

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    What the f is on HBO? Some bs where you stand on a stage and rhyme or bitch and rhyme or what appears to be act like an asshole.

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    What about the taxi cab confessions? Have you seen them yet?

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    Yeah. Those people must be mentally incapacitated. National tv.

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