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Thread: Hidden Shores 4th of July

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    Anyone going to Hidden Shores for 4th of July? Other than campground stuff at nite, ie cruising, etc... we'll be at the big sandbar south of Picacho, above the Zoo. Look for "Cop A Feel" and stop by for a cold one.

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    We'll be there.
    We saw you on Memorial Day. We were parked next to each other. I'm in the yellow "No Worries" Shockwave.
    C-ya there.

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    cool... see you there...making Jello shots, get ready

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    Going to miss you guys, we'll be there this weekend instead...

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    We'll be there the 4th...this weekend also. We've been going to the island past the white beach on the California side. The boats can't really motor too fast through there so the water is fairly calm. Greg, looking forward to seeing you and Melissa.

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