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Thread: check out the babes in this music video

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    click the link to see the music video

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    nice first post

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    That stuff sucks.

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    Captain Dan
    Music? That is trash.

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    What was that. I was looking for women, and I wasn't impressed. The song was cool, but I had my hopes up for hot women...

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    Terrible!!! Do they know they are white???

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    Chicks were better than the music. Sad..........

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    Them wiggers gots rhythm!

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    Now this is an example of a kick ass video complete with hot beautiful babies...The band is Dave Grohl's (formerly Foo Fighters) Probot complete with Lemmy (Motorhead) on vocals....the girls are all from the doesn't get any better than on the link and then scroll down and choose your don't have to be a member...

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