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Thread: Nitrous is No Laughing Matter

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Found this funny non-boating related story (, thought you guys might enjoy it.

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    I say leave the nitrous on the car, turn it in and wait for the next little old lady that rents it to lay on the horn!

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    That was the funniest thing I've read in weeks. When I dismantle the nitrous system from my jet this spring, I'm renting a Neon and going huntin'!!!

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    triple x tx
    you guys think i can adapt my pro shot fogger to a neon???????

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    Jungle Boy
    I wonder about the chances of borrowing the wife´s Acura for the afternoon?

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    That's to funny.wonder what it would do to a KIA..

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Don't wonder Tuucan, bring it over. I'll supply the silver you bring the NOS, then we go to the streetraces with our "sleeper".

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    Alright,Budget rental here I come.But first we need to find the coldest silvers in town.
    Can't build anything with out few and maybe a little Jack to chase it..BTW how did your engine come out..

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    Wet Dream
    I'm laughing my ass off. That was great.

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