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Thread: big river was bitchin!!!

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    Sanger D
    I can,t believe nobodys posted about it yet,there was a crap load of boats and a really good time.maybe its because noone put there boat in the water eccept for a few of us, I thought for sure everyone had a good time alot of beuatiful boats !!!!!hey ART ,it was good to see you as always,your boat was haulin ass!!!thank you MIKE for the pictures, they came out bitchin(better than I could hope for),SCOTTS new alcohol hydro is bad ass!!!!!TRACI, what happened to you and JEFF??? I thought you guys where comming down?.My boat seemed to be runnin pretty good,and the rough water was a blast!!I wish the big motor flats and hydros would have hung out longer cause the water glassed off at around 6 and was primo for those guys but, NOBODY HOME :notam: .it was deff.a boat SHOW.................. cousin BOB,my wife and I said a prayer for your father,I hope he,s doin better and hang in there dude ALL AND ALL a danm good time and can,t wait till the next one,.............for those who left mist some killer conditions,it was flatty and hydro heaven!!!

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    Had a great time,Al mentioned moving next years event to the week after the forth of july to get the nor cal and chowchilla people there.personaly I don't know where thell put more,it was a full house this year.
    Left early to get the quick shot boat ready for ming and still get to work on time.

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    Sanger D
    hey scotty, your new hydro is BAD ASS,good luck at ming and give me a call when you get a chance,I,d like to talk to you about something!!!

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    Hey Scotty, How about a return phone call! What's this crap you did'nt make a pass. What needs to be done to the boat to go to ming? it's running go drive it! go whoop some ass! dont forget your Depends!

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    Made a pass but the kill switch got knocked off with my knee,wound up with a pan full of alcohol.that two speed is a kick!Made some seat adjustments and saw the boys from Jett performance at BR,Said you where home polishing the flat.I'll call ya

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    Al mentioned moving next years event to the week after the forth of july to get the nor cal and chowchilla people there.
    That would be cool!

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    Big River was cool. I had one of the trailer queens there. Did manage to run alittle on Sunday morning. First time out for the shakedown run. Had a few impeller problems, but it all good.

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    Who won at the boat show?

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    Who won at the boat show?
    BAKurtis from the boards won best of show, it's the orange Kurtis featured in this months HB.

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