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Thread: HTM Photos

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    uncle larry

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    looking through these photos gives some credibility to those that believe they are truly unsafe.. does not look like fun to me..

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    Those boats are ALL over the place!!!

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    Everyone has an opinion....being a spectator all saturday due to a 3hr tow in i have some observations.
    i saw a SR make a 100mph turn through topock and handle perfect, i would crashed, chopped throttle and been thrown on the beach and land with a skirt and bikini top on...
    also while being towed in i saw a SS run through the middle of the lake at over 100 in some solid rollers nice and flat...i guess i saw different...that picture does look cool though..goodtimes 3 wheel motion

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    I guess I missed it ..
    What pic or are you being sarcastic

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    Whats Up With That Dude cleaning His Ass..

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    And this boat is like this why??????????????

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