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    Hey guys, I need some help.....
    I am running 575's with stage 2 superchiller kits. I am told 680 HP each motor. I would like my operating range to be around 5000-5100 rpm WOT.
    Currently, I am running 30P 5 blade merc props and I am bouncing off the limiters at 5400rpm. The boat planes very easy with these 30P props. I told them to order 32P merc 5 blades, but I am now thinking that I should get some 34P 5 blades and turn them down to 33's.
    Anyone have any ideas based on this info? Or, do I try the 32's, and then if that doesn't do the trick, do the 33's?
    I just don't want to spend all summer trying props.

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    use your gut feeling on how long it takes to hit the rev limiter now. Is the boat loaded like normal or empty for a test only high speed run....... I would'nt cut any props until you test the stock ones and get off the limiter.

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    Sounds like you could run 32's and get off of the limiter. I know I have seen another 34' running around with large twins, just not sure how big but would assume that guy might be of some assistance. You should be able to get th 32's pitched up to 33's if you are not happy with the 32's. Bronson does great work and took a 26p on my last boat and pitched it up to a 27.5 and cut it down to 15" and turned out to be the perfect prop for that boat with that power. A bit of an expensive process to say the least.
    I am gonna' have to try to figure out the same thing in about (2) weeks when I put my new motors in :cry: :cry:

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