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Thread: Interior shop in louisiana

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    Anyone know of a good interior shop in or around New Orleans, LA ?. I finally got my boat finished and can't find shop that can do my interior for 3-4 weeks. Which really sucks because I have done a complete rebuild and repower of a 75 sunkist. I was trying to have it ready for the july 4. I have talked to two shops 1 still has not given me a price and it has been 2 weeks. the other gave me a price of 1500.00 but can't get to it for 3 weeks. Thanks

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    TTT. come on anyone?

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    76 howard
    :idea: There is a place here in Lafayette (about 2 hours from the N.O.) that did mine for about 1500. I would have to find there card if you want it. :idea:

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    Hey 76Howard, is that you Gene?

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    76 howard
    Yes, It me

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    Thanks, I have a shop here in N.O. that can do it but I was trying to get it done before the 4th. I guess I will just wait it out.

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