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    Does anyone know if there is an adapter for the IPOD that connects to my receiver in the boat via RCA connections. Basically I am looking for a hard wired connection to my boat stereo, if such a thing exists. If it does, where can one get it? :idea:

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    What kind of head unit is it, most of the companys now make ipod adaptors

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    If it is that easy, then I am off to the store!

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    What kind of head unit is it, most of the companys now make ipod adaptors
    It is a Sony. Not sure of the model but it was one of the best ones at the time in 2003

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    And I'm assuming it has a pair of aux in rca's on the back? Easy, just buy what I told you and select Aux from the source.
    Yes, it has an AUX RCA in the back.
    Sweet...thanks for the help.

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    I think this is what your looking for.... cable (
    this is just an example, not worth $19.99

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    I have a changer hooked up, but I believe that I still have an open RCA for the AUX. My deck is XM ready, but I have not put it in since I am going the IPOD route. So I can plug in the Y adapter and select AUX and I am ready to go. Control the songs on the IPOD and the volume on the deck right?

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    You could opt for the FM modulater if all else fails

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    Hey if that Ipod is giving you to much grief Ill take it off your hands. Ive been dying to get one of those.

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