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    My wife wants to go river rafting. It is my job to find the best place and find out how much it will cost us. please help me with my chore.
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    american river.....
    costs about 300.00 per person
    CHeck yahoo there is web pages for tour operators

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    Watchin' the Wind Blow By
    I just went on a full day trip down the American River out of Coloma. Lots of fun. Going again w/husband and others. We have reservations for Friday, July 1st and have 2 spots available on our raft. You can go w/us if you want. It's $145 per person, lunch included. If we fill the raft (6 peeps), we get a discount... Check out

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    did I mention that we live in southern Cali. We were looking around the Colorado...
    Good American River adventures though. thanks.

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    For the Colorado, check out

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    Kern River, if you are looking for a fast moving water experience. They do some really cool two day trips. You can also do some one day trips on the Kern. Two day trip is cool, you get to camp along the river, and raft for two days.

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