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    When replacing carpeting, what is a good adhesive to use? Any ideas? -DD out

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    spectras only
    DD,most people use contact cement ,but I would use plybond [sp], it's easier to remove when needed.

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    Spectra, do I need to go to a specialty store to obtain this stuff, or is it a Home Depot type of thing? Thanks...-DD out

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    spectras only
    DD,I assume home depot has it.

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    Hey DD, want to do mine too ? j/k, but hey, where did you buy your carpet and for how much? I think I want to do that real soon, oh, and get my boat running right too.

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    I went to a Lowes store last night. They have some carpet called fish and ski. It looked like some real nice stuff. It sells for $5.49 a foot. 12 foot long roll.

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    Hallet, I got mine from Riverside Tent and Awning. The only reason I knew of the place was I took my old touring boat cover in last year for some repairs, and am planning on having them make me a custom one maybe next year. Anyhow, they have some real good marine carpet there. Fairly thick, and god quality. -DD out

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    DD, Riverside tent and awning did my cover on my previous boat and charged me way too much and way more than I was quoted. I have a shop I like much better, if you are interested, e-mail me. I recarpeted my last two boats and used an excellent adhesive recommended by all the local upholstery shops. It is called landau top adhesive. I bought this and other supplies (including marine carpet) from J and J auto fabrics in Rialto. Worth checking out. Call 411 for the number. L8. 1QJ

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