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Thread: stainless place diverter lines

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    who out there can tell me where i can get a set of custom lines made for my place diverter somewhere in the I.E. area all the kits are to short for my pump set up any help guys????

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    Stainless hard lines or braided hose?

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    Dana Marine Products
    Dana Marine Products
    We'll build the lines what ever length you need.

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    do i just need to give you measurements and who do i need to talk to when i got em???

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    For that stuff, call this guy.
    He's Superdave 013 on the boards. He's cheaper than everyone and his stuff is super nice. He'll put them together for you for a nominal fee. His service is really good, and he's a hot boat guy too.

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    Dana Marine Products
    Give me a call @ 951-279-5005. Let me know if you need a kit or just the lines. Give me end to end measurements and will crimp them up. The kit @ 155.00 includes the billet bulkhead plate with stainless fittings, stainless cylinder fittings (90 deg.), inside fittings, and lines to your length specification. If you only need the lines you'll be looking at roughly $30.00 each. All stainless steel ends with teflon stainless braided hose. The names Bob.

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    yeah i need the whole kit inside and out i gotta get rid of that unreliable plastic stuff. i will get some measurements and give you a call. thanks bob ill give you a call in the next couple of days.

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    Dana Marine Products
    FYI - on a full stainless kit we need to include some inside lines and pump fittings, that kit will run roughly $210.00. Measure from the pump to the desired area to install the bulkhead as well as the outside lines so we can burn em down. Thanks!!!

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    Bob, check your pm's. Neil

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    see i told you the guys at dana marine are cool peeps .

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