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Thread: Compliments to Hot Boat Mag!!

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    Got my April Issue yesterday, and I must say, they must be hearing some of our crys cause the whole mag is about Hot boats!!! No articles about boat tests, just good old under 21' boats!! Front cover says it all!!

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    69 Elim
    can't wait to rush home and look in the mail box!

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    I might have to buy this issue.

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    That's definitely good news. I actually cancelled my subscription at the end of last year for the same reason that you guys have been talking about on this bulletin.
    In the last couple of years, I believe that ***boat has been concentrating too much on the 25+ feet, two-motor, $80,000 plus boats that most of traditional ***boat readers are not interested in. If ***boat keeps up this new momentum that you're mentioning (as in the April issue), I will definitely consider re-subscribing.
    As most of my buddies agree, if we want to look at those fancy "offshore" type boats that they drive in Florida, we'll buy the "Powerboat" magazine (which I never would anyway). It's nice to see ***boat going back to its grass roots as owning this niche market is what made it so unique in the first place.
    Good business decision ***boat, please keep it up...

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    I need to thank Hot Boat mag also. I have gotten two issues instead of one for a couple years. After calling them and sending emails three or four times with no response I figured it must just be a freebee. Maybe I have been getting two issues and someone else got none. http://free.***

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    Jet Drive ditto on the Hot-Boat. I never renewed my subscription because I was tired of $80,000 boats. I hope they have woken up...

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    I too cancelled my subscription a couple of years ago for the same reasons. My wife just subscribed for me again because she's tired of the $5.00 grocery store copies that make it into her basket from time to time. I don't have the new issue yet, but if it's all "real ***boats", then YES the powers that be seemingly have heard our plea and taken the online poll conducted here somewhat seriously.

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    You mean an issue with boats that most people can actually afford...Wow!..
    I've read too many posts from people on the Hot boats, Hot spots area getting all wet over that "ugly" 54 ft Hallett at the boat show...
    How in the hell does a 54 ft yacht with twin deisels classify as a hot boat? It's a friggin yacht..I don't care if hallett made it..

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    I read the Jet tech in my last two issues while waiting in the line at a fast food drive through and then tossed them into the back of the Tahoe. This new issue, with some real Hot Boats in it, might make it into the bathroom where all the serious reading takes place. Thanks Hot Boat.

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    i'm going to have to run out and buy one you mean hot boat not powerboat mag right?I was about to get a suscription but after seing all the bigger boats i changed my mind.

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