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Thread: jetboat insurance

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    can someone please give me names and phone numbers of insurance companies that will insure my 1980 rogers. i have tried a few different companies and been rejected.
    any help would be great.

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    I am going with triple A. Call my agent Chris Rusk 949-823-3835. He'll give it to you straight with no lake restrictions.

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    Chestah Cheetah
    I'll give you the number to my Geico guy tommorow. Took care of me with agreed value and no restrictions, but another guy had problems getting a policy.

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Geico 888-395-1200
    Also, check out the Hot Boat Insurance topic in "Hot Boats Hot Spots" (page 2 or 3).

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    ******** ALlSTATE *******
    They gave me no problems, had my boat, trucks, RVs, and house and they treated me great. No questions asked, just tell them the basic engine size and forget bragging about all the horse power you've got!

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    I have to agree with iparky, Allstate is pretty good. I was just visiting my agent today double checking on a policy for myself when I DO get a boat , finally. Don't bank on my opinion though, I haven't actually experienced boat ins. yet. Good luck!

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    I just changed to Progressive, $259 per year.
    1978 21' Tahiti, 330 HP, covered engine
    $100 deductible each on comp and collision
    Bodily Injury-$100K per person, $300K per accident
    Property Damage- $50K each accident
    Unisured boater-$300K each accident, $100K each person.
    it even includes roadside assistance.
    1-800-436-7077, 24 hrs a day

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    that price sounds good Cas .. I'll call them tomorrow

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    I tried Progressive's web site to get a quote on a boat I was thinking of buying. I entered all the info. and at the end it tells you that they won't insure a boat with a single engine that has over 350 HP (I may be a little off on the max. HP but it was in that range). I don't know what would happen if you were less than truthful and had a claim, probably not good.

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    call 1-800-boatins they cover just about everything

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