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Thread: Another death on the river

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    I'm suprised to see no one has posted any info yet.
    On Sat, we saw law enforcement respond to the sandbar just below the main sandbar at Martinez. Later, we saw the helocopter coming in, so we knew it was serious. We went down to see what happened since some of our group had gone out for a boat ride and had not returned yet. Apparently, 2 jet skis collided and one person took a significant blow to the head. I found out later that one died that evening due to head injuries, and the other was arrested for being under the influence.
    My thoughts go out to the families involved.

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    always sad to hear.

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    So sad to hear! Our thoughts and prayers also!!! :frown:

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    Mrs. casean
    Read about this on, very sad news! My heart definitley goes out to the families and friends. These stories always stick in my mind as we're out on the water, you just have to be careful out there... Very sad.

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    Jet ski's aren't toys. When will they ever learn.

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    Very sad news :frown: your heart goes out to the family for their loss.
    Be careful out there

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    Evidently it was a couple of Marines stationed in Yuma, they had been drinking and colided, the one that lived is going to be rung up on Manslaughter charges...

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    Sanger D
    manslaughter charge, thats it??? :devil: I swear, this system is a f#@!#$$KIN joke :notam:

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    manslaughter charge, thats it??? :devil: I swear, this system is a f#@!#$$KIN joke :notam:
    Well he will get it twice as bad because after they get done with him in the civil courts he still has to deal with the military courts. He is in a ton of trouble.

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    river chaser
    Very Sad,
    I would think the death of a compadre is bad enough

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