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Thread: jets and shallow water

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    here is what happens when there are rocks impeller was a fresh cut and reworked also on thur night here is sat afternoon(in oct)

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    Kiwi Legend Jetter
    Shallow water and rocks... we thrive on them here. Sorry to see that damage to you boat... is it an Alloy impeller? Does you jet have a rock grate?

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Hey 77, you plan on making this a habit? he he he

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    We went out in his boat on Sunday. I showed him what the round thing on the left side is for and how to use it. He should be able to go around such things in the future!
    His boat runs pretty good these days!
    RTJas http://free.***
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    Damn, I've run a few rocks through the pump here and there but nothing like that. That's brutal!
    What did it sound like? Kinda like when you drop a fork into the garbage disposal?

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    I wasn't there when he did it and he'll be here later tonight to brag, I mean explain but I know that when he got home there were still small-fist sized rocks stuck in the grate. Plus he drove this boat back to the ramp at pretty high speed!!!
    RTJas http://free.***

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    When I get rocks in my jet, the boat will not plane out at all. It will move a little but there is massive vibration!!! time to pull off the hand hole cover!! fun job. However My impeller seems not to have been affected by the rocks. its just cast alluminum

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Two years ago I sucked up a golf ball sized piece of wood into a buddy's Sea Doo, started to vibrate pretty bad and lost speed. I shut it down and drifted to shore where I proceeded to tilt it on it's side and hit the throttle hard - that chunk of wood flew out of the nozzle with a thump and hit the rocky wall of the mountain with some pretty crazy force. Great weapon if you ever run into pirates in Pyramid.

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    I had the same thing happen at pyramid, sucked up a branch as big as a champion sized terd, wouldnt plane, shook like an earthquake, I freaked out thinking I grenaded the engine, took it to this boat shop at the foot of castaic, guy got under it, pulled out the stick, with a HUGE gash in it, threw the boat in castaic, and continued wakeboarding http://free.***

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