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Thread: ANOTHER Bad Attitude AN story

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    I had a braided stainless fuel line go out this Sunday at Parker.
    Called BA 10 minutes after they closed, Ron said to haul my ass down there and he will stay open and wait for me, on a Sunday no less.
    He did however charge me a whole TWENTY BUCKS to put a new line together for me.
    That, in my book, is great service.
    Thanks Ron!

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    That is awesome.....

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    Pssssssst, maybe you should check out the other lines too.

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    That's Cool.. I Was Out There Too.. Had A Great Fathers Day. Hope Everone Did Too..

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    Pssssssst, maybe you should check out the other lines too.
    Not much else braided on the POS.
    When will SPP open a supply hose in Parker?

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