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Thread: thanks turbo

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    thank you turbo for the info on hamtons.
    bubbledeck this is why i am reluctant to use these fourms, not knowing much about motors
    i look for positive input from people who do.
    the part about better sound and a babe magnet was just a figure of speech.

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    Don't worry that figure of speech thing,I have a friend who baught a sleekcraft with a wore out 396. he made a change to a blown 454 with 871 from BDS. the other day he cruises past the beach with 3 chicks in the back seat with their tops off! I asked how he did it he says, I just asked. so rock on with that babe magnet

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    jimmmyb, sorry, didn't mean to turn you off on the forum, but that just struck me as really funny at the time .. (blame it on the coronas heh)
    If you have the money and the inclination to put a blower on your boat, then by all means, do it! I don't know about bare chested babes flocking to your boat, but I'd sure give it a good look over ;-)

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    The potatoe trick could'nt hurt either. Thats a good one!!!!

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    The potato response nocked me off my freaken chair! I think bubbledeck was just tryin to make light of the fact that 800 bucks is a lot of dough.

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