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Thread: Spam- Carbon Fiber parts

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    Anyone wanting to replace plastic parts for boat engines or other plastic parts from Quads etc(fenders and such) with Carbon Fiber call 714-3450666, ask for Justin.

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    Do you do this stuff?? is it acompany you work for/own
    How custom??
    What exactly do you do?
    If yo want send me an email about your co. We are always looking for compnanies that deal in composites

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    Ok, I am the one mentioned above. I make custom parts for just about anything. If you have something you want made out of Carbon Fiber or fiberglass I'm the one to talk to. People today want everything to be just a bit better or different than the next guy and that's what I do. I am a start up company but I have been working with composites for years. I have a small website that is currently under cunstruction but you can check it out at
    Jumbo Creation - Motorsports ( )
    My parts don't come cheap, but I can tell you I can make your boat, car, motorcyle, etc. more custom and unique than it is now.

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    how are you at making scoops i need a copy of the one in the avatar, making new boat need to up grade---nasty

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    I need a blower belt cover

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    how are you at making scoops i need a copy of the one in the avatar, making new boat need to up grade---nasty
    I will need some more pics to really get an idea of what we're dealing with. Please E-mail me @ and let me know the specs on the scoop (i.e. Dimensions, mounting type, and if your looking for Carbon Fiber or fiberglass)

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    I need a blower belt cover
    E-mail me at and we can talk about what I can do for you. I'd Like to work on this project, Seems like a nice idea. I will need to know all the dimensions before I commit but I think we can get this done in a reasonable amount of time.
    Thanks, J

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    how about a splash cover made out of carbon fiber for my pickelfork?

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    Sounds doable, not to sound like a broken record but send me an e-mail to with some pics or more info and I can let you know.

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    I've got a stuipid question.... All the carbon fiber stuff I see looks the same. Are there color options with the matting? I'd like a carbon fiber race fairing if it could be made white.

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