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Thread: Need a place to stay in Bullhead City

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    Aqua Man
    I’m planning on taken the family to Lake Mohave the 1st week in August and would prefer to stay in a house instead of in Laughlin Hotel. Can anyone on the boards recommend to me to any Rental contacts in Bullhead City ?
    Aqua Man :boxed:

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    You might consider staying at Katherine Landing in one of the kitchenette suites (I use this term loosely ) . They have a yard with a BBQ and you are guaranteed a slip so you don't have to deal with thier pain in the a$$ slip situation. They are not very plush, but they are within walking distance to the restaurant/bar and marina and a $12-15 cab ride to the casinos.
    The # is 928-754-3245
    I haven't rented there, but Mandelon has, you can PM him for more info.
    Side note: I wouldn't mention "hot boat" at all if you call them :devil:

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