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Thread: 455 olds needs a throttle body

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    Vulgar display of power
    I have a 73' Cheeta jet drive, w/ a 455 olds it originally was 375 h.p., with a Q-jet 750 carb. Now 580h.p., and ballanced better than original, I tried a edelbrock 750 and am not satisfied. I would like to hear any suggestions for carburation without overkill it is a gas hog .
    I hear there there is a throttle body off of an early 80's cadillac that will mount a 455 is this so??
    thanks for any help.

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    flat broke
    Not sure about the TB from the Caddy, but something to think about before going the FI route. You'll need a high pressure pump and thus a fuel return line to the tanks.
    What aspect of the Edelbrock 750 was lacking, economy, power, responsiveness? There are metering rod kits etc that are available for that carb. I know they are set up to run on a 300-350 hp SBC out of the box, so I'm sure there are adjustments that need to be made in order to taylor the carb to your application.
    Just a thought,

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    I tried to use an Edelbrock 750 on my 455 (450hp) and it wasn't enough carb. It bogged down when the during high speed turns. We put a Holley 850cfm on it and all problems were gone. My boat isnt really a gas hog either although your definition and mine will be different.

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    Even if the G.M. throttle body did bolt up (I dont believe it does) you would have to find a stand alone wiring harness and then the computer would have to be recalibrated for the new engine. Then the injectors in the throttle body wouldnt have a high enough flow rate, and then................. you get the picture http://free.*** If you have the money and just HAVE to put F.I. on it then the best way to go would be a D.F.I. (digital fuel injection) setup. I have a couple of friends with these setups, one on a 70 T/A w/ a 500 H/P 455 and one in a boat w/ a 572 inch Chevy. These systems work great but you have to use a laptop and trying to use a laptop in a boat at 80 mph is a pain in the ass. You might give Arizona Speed and Marine a call, They can give you the specifics but you can count on spending around 2500 to 3000 bucks on one of these setups. It was well worth it in the car because its getting 18 mpg on the freeway but the boats sucks it down just like a carb. I bet a 850 cfm Holley sound good to you now huh? Sorry for the long post, hope it helps.

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    I have to agree. I had the edelbrock 750 on my olds and it was a dog. I'm using a modified holley 4150.

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    Hey Vulgar I know of a carb called a "Predator" which is adjustable from 400 to 1000 cfm or so ,I am told it does this by itself and supplys whatever you need on demand , so if you demand alot ...well...$$$$$

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