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Thread: Sinking feeling at CFW

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    For those of you who don't know me, i own the 21' Daytona (jet) that came pretty close to sinking at CFW Saturday. I'm writing this little note to thank, and extend my deepest gratitude to all those who helped me once i made it to shore. Unfortunatly i did'nt really know many of you, and you all helped a fellow boater in need. Just goes to show, it does'nt matter what kind of boat you own, whether it be v-drive, jet, o/b, or i/o, the boating community has some of the kindest hearted people out there. I'm happy to say my boat was running with no problems within the next hour thanks to Jock, Dave C, the Lema Bros, and Mark Gaveron. Too bad i could'nt find those special hook bolts for the inspection cover, otherwise it would have been on the water again that same night.
    Once again, thank you all very, very much. You all know who you are.

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    CFW is a known boat eater. I was there for the search for the condor and I am glad to say that everyone I met there was good quality and felt like they would give the shirt off their back. Glad to hear everything turned out ok for you.

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    I know what you mean.My 21ft sleek craft accually sank under 100 ft of water.It took about 30 sec for it to go down.I now have 10 inchs of lexan plastic around the rear of the boat and 3 sets of 3700 GPM pumps in the engine area.That wont happen again.I have owned boats all my life and nothing like this has ever happened to me.

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    Bottle Fed
    Here's a stupid ?. I have seen the acronym CFW used before but what body of water is it.

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    cfw camp far west its out side of sacramento ca

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    Don't feel bad Bottle Fed, I didn't know what the hell it was either until I went.

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    this was my first year and it wont be my last unbeleabel place

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I copied this from what I posted in the v-drive section.
    You should be very proud of your son Kinsvater, and proud of yourself for the way you've raised him. After i got to thinking about it later on, i realized just how lucky i really was. If that happened out in the middle of Berryessa or some other big lake, it would have been bye, bye.
    Thanks. But you know 99.9% of the time everyone will lend a helping hand when needed. And yes you were damn lucky you were only about 50 yrds when you caught it.
    Video (

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    Sleeper Jet
    Glad to hear all is well brian.. get the right bolts for the next time huh??:-)

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    I can sure understand how you felt that day!!!!!!!! I am still amazed at the people involved with boats. You can always rely on them to come to the aid of another person. I am forever indebted to everyone that helped when the Condor sank. This gives me the opportunity to tell everyone thank you again.

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