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Thread: blower help needed=efi

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    Well I have been having some problems and am gonna try to water again
    this evening. Thought I would see what opinions I get from this wealth of
    knowledge here on the forums.
    I had an issue with lack of water and cracked a set of Gil offshore manifolds and let a little water in the oil. tore down the engine and all looked good. Called lightening and had a custom set made to clear the
    Quad Rotor Whipple set up and installed.
    Went to go test and the boat would not accelerate and never did get on plane.. hooked up my laptop and tried like hell (5 hours in the water) boat would always start and idle/acc in nuetral. Put it in gear and idle out of the 5 and would never even get a few hundred rrr's. The next week tried again and had to give 200% more fuel than normal to get the boat on plane and so on to get more rr's.. Ran for about 15 minutes and re-mapped up to 4k rpms's and 85mph.. Then shut down and when restarted it was back to shit again.
    I found low voltage,and a bad abttery so I had my alt. rebuilt.. Also ordered and installed a new map sensor..
    Any thoughts on what to look for tonight????
    Getting really frustrated with this shit...

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    dump it and build up that Scarab :2purples: :2purples:
    j/k Troy. Good luck with it. You gonna run B2B this year??

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    Sounds Seriuos!

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    it cant be that bad. gotta be a simple computer issue..
    Yes on the Bridge to Bridge..
    Actually I/my company is sponsering the majority of it and I'll be doing
    some talking at the drivers meeting

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    You've got the holley efi right? Have you tried to re-load the older map that was working correctly? I had that happen once. It was real strange, went home and loaded the program again and it was fine. Did you know holley now has a upgrade and a wideband sensor kit for the holley box. I had Al Fonse rebuild my engine after speed o motive fuct me and the engine runs real strong now with the wide band kit. Talk to Al Fonse. He's real helpful.

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    I already bought the innovate wide band a/f computer with an actual
    a/f guage on the dash. It works great and was able to tune more in 30min.
    than all last year..
    I have re-loaded atleast 5 different maps into it and no change..
    I'll find out tonight..
    I will look into the upgrades. they have upgrades for more than just the
    It was perfect before I popped the heads off and put it back togther with
    headers on it?????

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    It sounds like you have a bad sensor.

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    ya, but which one???
    the lap top shows everything working like normal
    Maybe tomorrow I'll be posting
    trade f.i quad rotor for carb set-up :messedup:

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    one word HOLLEY.

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    RACER do we need to start looking for a carb setup or what. :supp:

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