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Thread: droop snoot question

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    has anyone here installed or used the droop snoot with the built in ride plate that is only attached to the droop? i would like to use one instead of taking the intake out of my boat, to have it seems to me it could possibly work!thanks in advance!

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    I personally have never used that setup but I doubt they actually work. If you want results, then take the time to have your intake machined for a rideplate. Remember, when you do have your intake machined, you can also try different shoe/shim combinations to find the best setup for your boat/motor/pump combo.

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    Bryan Rose
    Yep.........................................Save your money and only do the droop, I have the ride plate attacthment and it serves a purpose for me by mounting my pick up for my oil cooler water. .It seems to do nothing as far as serving as a ride plate, perhaps keeps clean water under the nozzle and maybe noses the boat over quicker. I did create som shims for my plate and they seem to help but I am assuming nothing like a real ride plate.
    My 2 cents

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    thanks guys, i appreciate the input! :hammer2:

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