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    Nucking futs
    Look, its for sale again............................................. .......... Ranger boat (

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    ouch, whats going on with the bow? looks all busted up around the edges.
    I guess the boat scared this guy.

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    Nucking futs
    I think thats how he sold it.Thats why it had the blue flame sticker on the deck, to cover it.I drove this boat and runs great for a small block, just don't turn it unless you want to get drenched........

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    Must turn like a hydro.

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    That is a cool looking boat, it is going to make a good first boat for someone.
    You should be able to fix the front right?

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    WOW, look at that.....
    The only problem with the deck is the repaired the bow eye thru the top of the deck and it left that big white patch. Whats worse is where the repair is, it has three different shades of yellow gel and white that all come together right there. It would be a ton of work to make it orig, you might as well re-gel the entire boat. Its a good running boat, starts everytime without question. And was built from a empty hull with all new or freshly rebuilt parts last year. Finished in May where I got a couple test runs before taking it out to CBBB in August. All new wheels and tires and bearing buddies on the trailer.
    And hes selling it why I did, want something a little bigger.

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    OUCH!!!! Dude lost over a thousand dollars from what he paid me for it.

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