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Thread: NBA Draft News (Of course the Clippers still SUCK)

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    Interested seeing how the Lakers are improving themselves and as usually the Clippers will continue to be a perennial bottow dweller.
    Completed Deals
    As recently reported by, the Lakers have agreed to a deal sending Devean George, Slava Medvedenko and the 37th pick to the Indiana Pacers for Jonathan Bender and the 17th pick.

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    Bender will replace Shaq
    He'd be an "all star" on the Clips.

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    An allstar on the Clips but not the Lakers?
    Last I looked:
    Clippers 37 45 .451 25.0 27-14 10-31 6-10 20-32 5-5 W1
    Lakers 34 48 .415 28.0 22-19 12-29 6-10 21-31 1-9 L6
    Warriors 34 48 .415 28.0 20-21 14-27 6-10 20-32 7-3 W3
    I have been waiting to say this for a while:
    Thats nothing really to brag about. I'll take the one bad year every decade or so along with all our championships. Remind me again how many the Clippers have in their history let alone the last 6 years.

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    They will be back Mr. Tom. Don't get too excited about them Clippers.

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    Steamin' Rice
    Go suns!

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    GO CLIPS!!!!!!! We're turning the corner baby!

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    GO CLIPS!!!!!!! We're turning the corner baby!
    Only to see a huge drop in front of you.

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    Old news baby...What have you done for me lately
    Exactly the season is over. The Lakers are at least doing something to improve their team while the Clips sit there doing nothing.

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    Sandbar Mike
    Clipper Fockn suck :lightsabe
    Go Lakers--

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    GO CLIPS!!!!!!! We're turning the corner baby!
    This is the same thing I here from Clipper fans every year. Must be one huge corner they have to turn cuz they still haven't turned it yet after all these years. :sleeping:

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