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Thread: Hey can anyone tell me

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    How to hang a light in my foyer. The ceiling is 20ft and it is over the stairs. A ladder won't work because the stairs are in the way. Or do you know someone that does that kind of thing. I am in Yorba Linda

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    Budget Baller
    Call Exciting Lighting......Imperial Highway right by the Polly's Pies. They have guys that will install lights. $100.00 was what they quoted me, but I ended up doing it.

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    The make ladder legs that are adjustable to use on stairs.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    I don't know if this one will get you high enough...

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    Get super powers and fly up there & do it.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    Get super powers and fly up there & do it.

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    Hire somebody

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    Hire somebody
    One company brought an 18 ft ladder but couldn't make it work

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    Do what we did , have a loft built and use that empty space, got tired of the Cathedral ceiling thing and decided to put in a Loft, goin crazy figgering out how i want to furnish it.

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