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Thread: clearance impeller

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    What is the clearance for the impeller to wear ring?
    Thank you Brian

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    With a lipped wear ring and a known (GOOD) thrust bearing I set my front clearance at .018 The norm is .025-.030 Some go as much as .035
    Along the outer diameter .015 per side for a total of .030 this is pretty must standard.

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    I run the "Ultimate Wear Ring" from DuaneHTP. It's polyurethane and when set up correctly just runs against the face of the impeller. Is set up just a few thou shy of it with a new thrust bearing and wears to it on bearing break-in. I love it. Seals great and is tolerant of a bit of sand-damage in case you aren't careful. Been running mine about 150+ hours, since 1990 (boat was still dad's then and sometimes went years without being run.)

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